Is your business growing from strength to strength? You’ve been busy marketing your services or products and now it’s paying off. You’re aware that PR should form part of your strategy going forwards but you’re not quite sure how?

Here’s my top tips to get you off the starters block…

  1. Work out what others are doing well. Getting your business in the news isn’t easy, you need to be creative, you need to work out a ‘hook’ for journalists. Set up Google News Alerts – use various keywords to follow what’s being covered in your industry, you’ll see what and who is trending and this should give you plenty of ideas.
  2. You probably think PR is just about presenting your business, service, products or employees in the right way but actually you need to spend more time considering the ‘why’. Why should anyone buy this product? Why should someone choose your service over your competitors? Why should anyone listen to your expert opinions? If you can answer your ‘why’ you’ve got a great starting point.
  3. Build your press kit. This isn’t something flash just for big businesses. A simple portfolio will do the trick: photos – suitable for both web and print as well as facts about your business – your mission, achievements to date, key personnel, a great back story about how you got started always goes down well. If you’re promoting a product, especially if it’s a new launch, try to include some samples. Maybe offer them a competition prize. It’s an easy way to grab the attention of journalists!
  4. Spend some time researching publications, websites and news outlets where you think your business would feature well. It doesn’t need to be a long list but targeting your press releases with a personalised email to journalists in your industry will be far more effective than blindly sending out to many.
  5. Keep on top of your social media. Work out which platform(s) work best for your business and become the master of those. Follow the journalists you’ve discovered in your research stage and hopefully they’ll follow you back, introducing them already to yourself and what you do. You can start to instigate online conversations when you’re ready to announce your news to the wider world.

Building PR into your business planning is vital for sustainability and further growth. Get in touch to see how I can help you get your business turning heads.