It can be tough being an independent business. There’s likely to be numerous other businesses selling similar products and services. So how do you stand out from the crowd? What differentiates you from your competitors? What will make your potential customers identify it’s you at a moment’s glance? Communicating your business story is key.

You may think your products or services sell themselves, maybe they do, but chances are people are also buying into you, your business, your brand. It can be easy to think your branding consists of your logo and maybe a strapline but it runs much deeper than that. It’s everything you communicate, from your social media posts and website pages to your blogs, flyers and networking pitch.

How do you tell people what you do? Are you able to summarise it in a couple of short sentences or do you find yourself waffling? Do people glaze over or do they ask questions, keen to find out more?

Every business has a story but the key is to make it a compelling one. Think about how your business started, what kickstarted you to take that leap? How has your business evolved and grown? What milestones have you reached? Who do you work with? Who works for you? Regularly sharing insights into your business, the story behind what you do, will keep your customers engaged. It will help you stand apart from others and will add more depth to the products or services you sell. As you share more about yourself and your business, your brand strengthens and you’ll attract new followers and sales leads. 

My own business story started just over four years ago. After 15 years working in a variety of marketing and PR roles, I decided to take the plunge into self-employment. Having worked in both private and public sector businesses, large and small, I had an eclectic mix of experience and knew I could help others. Coming from a family of small business owners, I was always drawn to working with these passion-driven people. We can’t all be experts in everything we do in our business, you can’t buy enthusiasm and passion, but you can outsource help with your marketing and PR. Interested in getting started? Get in touch for a chat and let’s see how I could help you.