If I threw you an extra couple of balls could you cope?

It’s been a full on couple of months as I completed a course, rebranded my business, welcomed new clients and carried on juggling all the usual life stuff that we do. It may not sound much but as someone whose team consists of me, myself and I, it was quite an undertaking and commitment that I needed to plan and prepare for. I knew the course (building WordPress websites) would bring huge benefits to both my business and my development but I didn’t expect to enjoy it so much. Having a dedicated day out of my office each week where I could focus on nothing but the new learning I was going through was an eye-opener. When you’re a sole trader you soon become well adjusted to the various hat wearing, often struggling to find the time really needed to dedicate to each part of your business, so to have this time carved out guilt-free was pure joy.

So what did I learn aside from the obvious creating websites? Yes the course made my brain ache some days and weeks flew by in a blur squeezing in the homework, but the camaraderie between the other attendees, all of whom were mums running their own business or returning to the workplace, was not to be underestimated in adding to my experience. Sometimes you can feel a bit like driftwood as a freelancer, so to compare notes on our lifestyles and to find so many similarities was bond-building and a reminder to keep on plugging on.

But ultimately, that investing in my business is also investing in myself and I shouldn’t feel guilty for this. Partway through the course, I had a moment of clarity in deciding on what I should focus on workwise going forwards. No sole trader can afford financially or reputationally to drop a ball so while I’ve swapped a few balls for new ones the juggling continues. Variety is the spice of life after all!


If you’re interested in improving your digital skills to return to the workplace or to change careers then check out the TechPixies courses: https://techpixies.com. The perfect added bonus is the supportive online group you join which you remain a part of once you’ve brought back your sparkle!