So you know the benefits of regular blogging (the chance to offer an insight into your business, increased engagement with your customers, ready-made content for future social media posts…) but what happens when you’re stuck for blog ideas?

This happens to the best of us. But HOW do you get the creative juices flowing again? I’ve compiled a quick go-to list that will hopefully help:

  1. Make a video blog showing how you do something in your business. A local potter near me, @jets.pottery is great at showing how her creations come together. 

  2. Share your story – what experience do you have, what are your passions and what drives you forward in your business? Show your followers how your business is about more than just sales.

  3. Feature an employee. Obviously this only works if there’s more than one of you but it’s lovely to see the people behind your brand. @woodstockopticians has been delivering these sneaky peaks during the lockdown.

  4. Ask for your followers opinions. If you’re redesigning your logo or website, perhaps choosing new colours for your shop or office, ask for opinions. It’s a resourceful way of getting some research on what works and what doesn’t while also engaging with your followers. 

  5. Particularly relevant right now, provide an update of what’s been happening in the last month. How has your business adapted to challenging times? Share some hopes for the future and how your business might work.

  6. Shine a spotlight on a local charity you support. Perhaps there’s one you have personal experience of. For me @silverstarbabies will always be close to my heart following the premature birth of my son but I also love and support as a Trustee @clearskycharity who do amazing play therapy work with vulnerable children. 
  7. Answer some of the questions you are most commonly asked about your business.

  8. Invite guest posts from other businesses. Perhaps you sometimes work with others or simply that your followers may also be interested in what they offer.

  9. Turn an amazing experience with a client into a case study. If you’re able to, show before and after pics. This works especially well for fitness trainers, health and wellbeing practitioners, interior designers, architects, builders, hair stylists, the list goes on…

  10. Discuss industry trends. Are you loving or loathing them? Which ones do you think will stick around? An excellent chance to show off your knowledge. 

I’d love to know what blog ideas have worked well for you. Let me know!