What does your website say about you?
How can customers relate to you and your story?

Every business has a story. The key is to make it a compelling one, one that will strengthen your branding and engage your ideal customers. Building a fuller picture of your business, developing your own style, rather than just regurgitating facts is key to projecting your personality. Once your website is established, many business owners find blogging helps to drive traffic to your site. It’s also a great way to keep engaging your customers and share more of your story as your business progresses. 

I can help with writing your website pages, blogging and case studies so get in touch to get started.

Danielle is great to work with. We’ve commissioned her to raise the profile and awareness of Neve’s Bees. She (amazingly quickly!) wrote a press release targeting local press which was spot on and got us on the radio and local press – resulting in considerable coverage. She is now working on a series of blog posts and consistently ‘hits’ the theme and style in the brief.

– Julie Macken, Neves Bees